Bollywood-Inspired Saree Styles: Classic, Contemporary, and Fusion

by Jasmine Kaur on Jun 27, 2023

Bollywood-Inspired Saree Styles


Bollywood, the vibrant and glamorous Indian film industry, has a significant influence on fashion trends, including traditional attire like sarees. Bollywood celebrities serve as style icons, setting trends that inspire fashion enthusiasts across the globe. In this blog post, we will explore a variety of saree styles that are Bollywood-approved in 2023. From classic designs to contemporary and fusion styles, we will delve into the world of Bollywood fashion and provide styling tips to help you create your own Bollywood-inspired saree looks.

Classic Saree Styles

Kanjeevaram Sarees

  1. History and Origin: Kanjeevaram sarees, also known as Kanchipuram sarees, originate from the town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, India. These sarees are handwoven using pure silk and gold zari threads, making them luxurious and highly sought after.
  2. Features and Characteristics: Kanjeevaram sarees are known for their rich and intricate designs, vibrant colors, and heavy borders. The zari work on these sarees often depicts traditional motifs like peacocks, temple designs, and flowers.
  3. Bollywood Celebrities Spotted in Kanjeevaram Sarees: Bollywood actresses like Deepika Padukone, Vidya Balan, and Rekha have been seen gracing red carpets and special occasions in exquisite Kanjeevaram sarees, adding an aura of elegance and grace to their looks.

Banarasi Sarees

  1. Historical Significance: Banarasi sarees, originating from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India, are known for their historical significance and opulence. These sarees have been an integral part of Indian weddings and celebrations for centuries.
  2. Distinctive Features: Banarasi sarees are crafted from fine silk and intricately woven with gold and silver zari. They feature elaborate brocades, paisley motifs, and floral patterns, adding a touch of grandeur and splendor to the wearer.
  3. Bollywood Divas Flaunting Banarasi Sarees: Bollywood divas like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja have graced numerous occasions in stunning Banarasi sarees, epitomizing timeless beauty and traditional charm.

Chanderi Sarees

  1. Traditional Heritage: Chanderi sarees hail from the town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, India. These sarees have a rich heritage and are known for their finesse and elegance.
  2. Unique Attributes: Chanderi sarees are crafted from lightweight fabrics like silk, cotton, and a blend of the two. They feature sheer and translucent textures, intricate handwoven patterns, and delicate motifs, making them perfect for both formal and casual occasions.
  3. Bollywood Icons Embracing Chanderi Sarees: Bollywood icons such as Kangana Ranaut, Vidya Balan, and Shilpa Shetty have been spotted donning Chanderi sarees, embracing the ethereal charm and grace of these traditional weaves.

Contemporary Saree Styles

Lehenga Sarees

  1. Fusion of Lehenga and Saree: Lehenga sarees combine the elegance of a saree with the flair of a lehenga, creating a versatile and contemporary style. These sarees feature a pre-stitched pleated skirt, making them easier to drape.
  2. Versatility and Modern Appeal: Lehenga sarees come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and embellishments, offering endless possibilities for experimentation. They areoften adorned with intricate embroidery, sequins, and mirror work, adding a touch of glamour and modernity to the traditional saree.
  3. Bollywood Celebrities Setting Trends with Lehenga Sarees: Bollywood celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, and Jacqueline Fernandez have been seen embracing lehenga sarees at weddings, award ceremonies, and other high-profile events, showcasing their impeccable fashion sense and making a statement.

Ruffle Sarees

  1. Playful and Dramatic Aesthetic: Ruffle sarees bring a playful and dramatic element to traditional attire. These sarees feature ruffled layers or pleats, adding volume and movement to the drape.
  2. Incorporation of Ruffles in Saree Drapes: Ruffle sarees can have ruffled borders, ruffled pallus, or ruffled layers incorporated into the saree itself. They are available in various fabrics, colors, and designs, allowing for creative and eye-catching looks.
  3. Bollywood Fashionistas Rocking Ruffle Sarees: Bollywood fashionistas like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Shilpa Shetty have been seen donning ruffle sarees with panache, bringing a contemporary twist to their traditional ensembles.

Pre-Draped Sarees

  1. Effortless and Time-Saving Option: Pre-draped sarees are a convenient choice for those who want to achieve a saree look without the hassle of draping. These sarees come pre-stitched and pre-pleated, making them easy to wear.
  2. Various Draping Techniques: Pre-draped sarees offer different draping styles, such as pant-style drapes, dhoti-style drapes, and gown-style drapes. They come in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and embellishments, catering to diverse preferences.
  3. Bollywood Stars Embracing Pre-Draped Sarees: Bollywood stars like Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Deepika Padukone, and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja have embraced the convenience and contemporary appeal of pre-draped sarees, sporting them at red carpet events and promotional appearances.

Fusion Saree Styles

Saree Gowns

  1. Combination of Saree and Gown Silhouettes: Saree gowns merge the grace of a saree with the structure of a gown, creating a fusion ensemble. These outfits feature a pre-stitched pallu and a gown-style bottom, offering a modern and elegant silhouette.
  2. Elegance and Red Carpet Appeal: Saree gowns exude elegance and are perfect for special occasions and red carpet events. They come in various designs, including floor-length gowns, mermaid gowns, and asymmetric gowns, allowing for a personalized touch.
  3. Bollywood Actresses Making a Statement in Saree Gowns: Bollywood actresses like Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas have graced international red carpets and prestigious events in mesmerizing saree gowns, creating a lasting impression with their fashion choices.

Pant Sarees

  1. Integration of Pants with Sarees: Pant sarees combine the grace of a saree with the comfort of pants. These sarees feature a saree drape paired with pants instead of a traditional petticoat, resulting in a modern and edgy look.
  2. Modern and Edgy Look: Pant sarees offer a contemporary twist to the traditional saree silhouette. They come in various styles, such as straight pants, wide-leg pants, and palazzos, allowing for versatility and experimentation.
  3. Bollywood Celebrities Setting Trends with Pant Sarees: Bollywood celebrities like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Shilpa Shetty, and Malaika Arora have embraced the trend of pant sarees, showcasing their bold and fashion-forward choices at parties, promotional events, and fashion shows.

Dhoti Sarees

  1. Incorporation of Dhoti Drapes in Sarees: Dhoti sarees blend the elegance of a saree with the fluidity of a dhoti, creating a contemporary twist on traditional attire. These sarees feature draped pleats resembling a dhoti, adding a unique and fashionable element to the look.
  2. Contemporary Twist on Traditional Attire: Dhoti sarees offer a modern interpretation of Indian ethnic wear. They come in various styles, including pre-draped dhoti sarees and dhoti-style drapes, allowing for a fusion of cultures and styles.
  3. Bollywood Divas Sporting Dhoti Sarees: Bollywood divas like Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Kangana Ranaut have been seen flaunting dhoti sarees, embracing the fusion of traditional and contemporary elements in their fashion choices.

Styling Tips for Bollywood-Inspired Saree Looks

To create your own Bollywood-inspired saree looks, consider the following styling tips:

A. Choosing the Right Fabric and Color: Opt for fabrics like silk, chiffon, georgette, or organza to achieve a glamorous and flowy drape. Choose colors that complement your skin tone and the occasion.

B. Accessorizing with Statement Jewelry: Pair your saree with statement jewelry pieces such as chandelier earrings, statement necklaces, or layered bangles to enhance the overall look and add a touch of glamour.

C. Experimenting with Blouse Designs: Explore various blouse designs like off-shoulder blouses, halter neck blouses, or embroidered blouses to add a contemporary and stylish twist to your saree ensemble.

D. Optimal Draping Techniques: Master different draping techniques like the Nivi style, Gujarati style, or Bengali style to achieve the desired look and showcase the saree's design and features effectively.

E. Matching Footwear and Hairstyles: Choose footwear that complements your saree, such as embellished heels, traditional juttis, or stylish wedges. Experiment with hairstyles like loose curls, elegant updos, or sleek buns to enhance your overall appearance.

F. Embracing Confidence and Individuality: Remember that confidence is key when carrying any saree style. Embrace your individuality and let your personality shine through your outfit, making it a true reflection of your unique style.


What About Unstitched Ethnic Suits

Unstitched ethnic suits are a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts who prefer to customize their outfits. These suits come in a set that includes unstitched fabric for the suit, a dupatta (scarf), and often a matching bottom fabric. Unstitched suits offer the freedom to choose the desired style, fit, and embellishments. Whether it's a straight suit, anarkali suit, or a Punjabi suit, you have the flexibility to design the suit according to your preferences. From selecting the neckline and sleeve style to adding embroidery or embellishments, unstitched ethnic suits allow for a personalized touch. This versatility makes them a go-to option for those who love to experiment with their looks and create unique ensembles that reflect their individuality.


In 2023, Bollywood-approved saree styles offer a wide range of options for fashion enthusiasts. From classic Kanjeevaram and Banarasi sarees to contemporary Lehenga sarees and ruffle sarees, and fusion styles like saree gowns, pant sarees, and dhoti sarees, there is a saree style to suit every taste and occasion. By incorporating these styles and following the provided styling tips, you can create your own Bollywood-inspired saree looks and exude elegance and charm with a touch of glamour.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How can I style a Kanjeevaram saree for a modern look?

A: To style a Kanjeevaram saree for a modern look:

  • Pair it with a contemporary blouse design, such as a backless blouse or a crop top.
  • Opt for minimalistic jewelry to let the saree stand out.
  • Experiment with unconventional draping styles, like amermaid drape or a butterfly drape, to add a modern twist.

Q: What are some popular blouse designs to pair with Banarasi sarees?

A: Popular blouse designs to pair with Banarasi sarees include:

  • Boat neck blouses with intricate embroidery or zari work.
  • Elbow-length sleeves with contrasting or complementing colors.
  • High-neck blouses with intricate back designs for a regal and elegant look.

Q: Can I wear a ruffle saree for a casual occasion?

A: Absolutely! Ruffle sarees can be styled for both formal and casual occasions. For a casual look, choose a ruffle saree in a lightweight fabric like georgette or chiffon and pair it with a simple blouse. Opt for minimalistic jewelry and a relaxed hairstyle to keep the focus on the playful ruffles.

Q: How do I drape a pant saree effectively?

A: To drape a pant saree effectively:

  1. Wear the pants first and then drape the saree pallu over the pants.
  2. Pleat the saree pallu and bring it from behind over the shoulder.
  3. Secure the pallu with pins and arrange it in a flowing manner.
  4. Adjust the length of the saree to ensure it falls gracefully over the pants.
  5. Complete the look with accessories and a stylish blouse.

Q: Are pre-draped sarees suitable for all body types?

A: Yes, pre-draped sarees are suitable for all body types. They offer a well-structured and flattering drape that enhances the body's natural curves. However, it's essential to choose the right style and silhouette that complements your body shape. For example, empire waist pre-draped sarees work well for apple-shaped bodies, while mermaid-style pre-draped sarees flatter hourglass figures.