How to Take Care of ethnic wear: Preserving Festive Elegance

by LAKSHAY SHARMA on Nov 21, 2023

How to Take Care of ethnic wear: Preserving Festive Elegance

As the enchanting Indian festivities approach, the excitement of donning our ethnic finery is coupled with the concern of preserving these treasures for the long run. We've all faced the dilemma of stowing away our ethnic dresses post-celebration, only to discover them losing their fabric charm and emanating unpleasant odors. To safeguard the splendor of your ethnic wear, including festive kurta sets for women, let's delve into an extensive guide on how to impeccably care for your ethnic ensembles during and after the celebrations.

Read and Follow Wash Instructions 

When delving into the realm of cleaning ethnic wear, the initial step is to meticulously read and adhere to the wash instructions meticulously embedded in the garment's label. Each fabric type necessitates distinct washing procedures and ironing guidelines. Understanding whether your garment is machine-washable, hand-washable, or exclusively dry-cleaned is crucial to preserving its intrinsic qualities. Using an erroneous washing or ironing approach may inadvertently impair the fabric and compromise the aesthetic allure of your cherished your unstitched suits for women.

    1. Avoid Frequent Cleaning:

      Delicate ethnic attire does not warrant frequent cleaning. Instead, allow them to air-dry naturally to thwart the accumulation of moisture and sweat. When opting for outdoor drying, shun direct sunlight exposure and choose shaded areas. Swiftly attend to any blemishes on the fabric by washing them with a mild detergent. Opt for hanging your clothes instead of folding them to maintain their shape and quality.

    2. Store the Dress Properly:

      The significance of proper storage equals that of meticulous washing. Secure your ethnic garments within a dry and cool environment, integrating silica gel packets in your closet to combat potential moisture damage. Eschew the use of hangers for more delicate fabrics, favoring cloth bags or airtight containers for organizational purposes.

    3. Be Careful When Ironing

      Vigilance during the ironing process is paramount, as overheating can prove detrimental to sensitive materials. Consult the label for precise ironing instructions. For garments bedecked with zari work, beads, or intricate ornamentation, the preferred method is steaming to mitigate direct heat exposure. For cotton fabrics, a low-heat ironing approach is recommended for simplified care.

    4. Do a Patch Test

      Prior to subjecting your ethnic dress to a cleanser, fabric conditioner, or any solvent for the first time, conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous area. This precaution ensures that the product won't inflict damage or alterations to the fabric. Emphasize the usage of organic or milder products specifically formulated for ethnic wear materials.

    5. Avoid Using Scented Products:

      The application of cologne directly onto your ethnic attire may precipitate damage. Opt instead to spray cologne or perfume on your wrists and neck before donning the outfit to preclude any chemical reactions with the fabric, thereby preventing fading or discoloration.


    In conclusion, the meticulous care of your resplendent ethnic ensembles is imperative for their enduring allure on every occasion. The tips outlined above, underscoring how to take care of ethnic wear, encompass everything from nuanced washing instructions to adept storage and maintenance. By adhering to these comprehensive guidelines, you can savor the vibrancy and elegance of your ethnic wear across countless celebrations.

    These guidelines on how to take care of ethnic wear are both simple and efficacious, serving as a shield for your investment. Feel empowered to flaunt your ethnic wear confidently at the upcoming festive gatherings!