Ways to Style with Sharara Dress for Every Occasion

by LAKSHAY SHARMA on Dec 05, 2023

Ways to Style with Sharara Dress for Every Occasion

In the dynamic landscape of modern Indian traditional fashion, Sharara suits have solidified their status as an iconic choice, seamlessly blending the richness of tradition with contemporary elegance. These exquisite ensembles, deeply rooted in Lucknowi heritage and harking back to the Nawabi era, have experienced a resurgence in popularity, drawing inspiration from the royal fashion of the Mughal period and the glamorous allure of Bollywood during the 1960s and 70s.

Originally crafted for grand occasions, particularly weddings, Sharara suits are traditionally adorned with intricate threadwork, zari, stones, or beads, making them the epitome of opulence for ceremonies, traditional parties, and festivals. However, responding to the evolving tastes of the modern Indian woman, contemporary designers are now crafting Sharara suits with party-wear sensibilities, featuring simpler yet stylish designs that are suitable for both casual gatherings and upscale soirées.

The evolution in fashion trends has transformed not only the designs but also the way Sharara suits are worn. When paired with hip-length kurtis and a matching dupatta, the modern-day Sharara exudes elegance, class, tradition, and beauty. These flared pants, snug at the waist and fully flared towards the end with a substantial ghera, create a timeless charm that captures the essence of this unique attire.


Styling Tips: Crafting a Statement with Your Sharara Ensemble

1. Mastering the Dupatta: Draping Art for Grandeur

The dupatta is a pivotal element of the Sharara suit, offering a myriad of draping possibilities. For an effortlessly elegant look, consider pinning up one end of the dupatta on the shoulder and allowing the other end to cascade freely. This particular style ensures that the Sharara suit takes center stage, making it perfect for weddings and festive occasions.

2. Tradition Meets Elegance: The Enchantment of 'Pasa' Jewellery

No Sharara ensemble is considered complete without the addition of the 'pasa.' Once a fashion statement predominantly among Muslim women, this traditional Indian jewellery piece, crafted from pearls, stones, or kundan, has transcended cultural boundaries, gracing women of diverse backgrounds. Stylists unanimously recommend incorporating the pasa for a stunning and gracefully regal appearance.

3. Earrings as Symbols of Royalty

Accessorizing is key, especially when it comes to earrings. Chandbalis featuring intricate designs such as jhumka, peacock, Kundan, circular, and gold-plated variations are a must-have with any stunning Sharara suit. These accessories, frequently spotted on Bollywood divas during special gatherings, seamlessly complement the regal aesthetics of your ensemble.

4. Neck Pieces: Making a Profound Statement

Accentuate your Sharara suit with statement neckpieces, with a particular emphasis on choker necklaces that harmonize seamlessly with the fabric. Whether adorned with pearls or intricate kundan work, the right necklace can significantly enhance the overall regal appeal of your ensemble.

5. Embracing Offbeat Styles: Infusing Modernity with Tradition

Diversify your wardrobe with offbeat Sharara styles, incorporating gota patch, kundan, and jaal embroidery. Experiment with waistcoats or jackets, particularly during winter festivities. Varied kurta lengths, such as the classic Anarkali or chic short frocks, add versatility to your Sharara collection.

Final Thoughts: Embracing the Timeless Allure of Sharara Suits

Latest Sharara & Gharara, with their timeless allure, continue to dominate contemporary fashion, offering a glamorous and dreamy appeal that is perfectly suited for any fashion aficionado. Whether opting for a heavy ensemble for a night party or a lighter dress for daytime events, the fit, color choices, and the statement pasa remain paramount. Today's Sharara suits redefine ethnic fashion, offering a glamorous and dreamy appeal fit for any fashion aficionado. Stay on-trend and elevate your style by adding a Sharara suit to your collection through convenient online shopping!