by Jasmine Kaur on Jan 16, 2023


Unstitched party wear suits are predesigned clothing with all the patterns in place for a complete dress but not stitched for any size. All one have to do is buy the set, top and bottom, get it stitched to size at the same shop or take it to your favourite tailor to stitch it to your size.


Benefits Of An Unstitched Party Wear Suite


Saves Lot Of Time

It saves a lot of time designing your own patterns, colour combinations, linings, patchworks, etc. All these works are ready made and designed by people from the fashion industry and handworks, embroidery, threadworks, prints, etc., are all done by experts in their field.


Latest Fashion

Everything from neck patterns, depth and borders, outfit length, sleeve length and its design, made in premium fabrics and beautiful shades are available without the tailored outfit like readymade garments.


Perfect Fit Everytime

Unstitched party wear are a blessing for the perfect as well as not so perfect shaped women. Almost every readymade party wear for women has some issues with their fitting. If you find the size, you wont get it in the design or colour of choice and vice versa. Unstitched party wear solves this headache by enabling you to get the garment stitched exactly as you want.


Buy Now Stitch Later

Some time, while shopping, we see awesome unstitched wear at attractive prices but we are not ready to buy and wear immediately. Still one can buy this and stitch it later on for an important occasion like a wedding or birthday, anniversary, etc., even a year later. For one, it can be stitched for one size at that point of time and two, one may not find enough time to shop around in a hurry. A stitched outfit, on the other hand, has to be worn immediately, as it may not fit exactly at a later date.


Saves Money

Another super benefit is to buy unstitched suits while it is on discount sale and can be stitched later because the exact same design as a stitched readymade garment will cost more than the tailoring cost combined, along with the if and buts of the prefect fitting. have wonderful collection of premium unstitched party wear suits online with fabulous designs, pastel colours, pattern, intricate thread and mirror work, with matching shawls and dupatta’s to go with it. Select from an wide range of superb unstitched party suit collection like the Sunakhee, Sandini, Sufiana, Nargis, Chand, Sitara, Heer, Rani and so many other pieces that make you stand out among the party crowd.